45th Annual "Art in the Park"

Please come and visit my both #52 at the Art in the Park. I'm working on creating a piece of artwork, which is made from 35 canvas pieces 6"x6". The proceeds of every small canvas sold will be donated to support "The Cove", save japans dolphins to end the useless slaughter of dolphins.

Andrea Seibt Paintings at CJ's cafe in Bronte

My next solo show is coming up at CJ's Cafe in Bronte. Please come and join the Artshow opening reception on July 6th from 6:30 to 8pm

Iron Dames "art party" fundraiser for Wellspring, Halton Peel Cancer Exercise Program

The Iron Dames are a group of dedicated people supporting the Wellspring Cancer Exercise Program. I wish you the best sucess for the art Party on Friday April23 ,2010 . I hope my small donation "collage turqouis" can be used for the support of the program. For more info, visit www.irondames.ca

THE COVE, best documentary 2009 about the yearly dolphin slaughter in Japan, please visit www.savejapandolphins.com

We watched the documentary The Cove last night and it was more than shocking to learn what happens every year in a small fishernmens cove in Japan. Thousands of Bottlenose dolphins get slaughtered for their meat, sold as whale meat, which is true, dolphins are the smallest cetaceans. Their meat contains the highest amount of mercury, since they are at the end of the oceans food chain. Please visit my Links page to learn more and help to stop this useless slaughter of one of the most intelligent creatures on earth.

My workshops

I'm excited to let you know that I will be part of the teaching staff at the Oakville Art Society's children summercamps. The class I'm going to teach is called Neptune's World, what a beautiful name, for what we are going to create in the week of July 19th to 23rd or August 9th to 13th, 2010. Please feel free and check  www.oakvilleartsociety.com for more details.

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