visual artist-marine biologist-presenter


The beauty of marine life has always captured me; scientifically and as an artist. During my education as a marine biologist in Germany and Italy, I developed a deep affection for marine life.  I had started to study biology at the University of Frankfurt / Germany and I knew that this beautiful marine environment would be the focus for the rest of my life. A cooperation between the Senckenberg Museum Institute for Marine Biology in Frankfurt and The University of Florence / Italy allowed me to work on my thesis in the Mediterranean Sea. I am also a certified scuba diving instructor ( CMAS & PADI) and I have been working on educational programs for divers for several years. As of now I have designed a curriculum based educational program for students at all ages to adress ocean conservation issues.

Capturing the beautiful effects of the Big Blue and the variety of marine life has become my passion.

My work sometimes is an abstract view of fish and sometimes I get caught up in details. I enjoy using various media mostly acrylics, but also trying to add new techniques and materials to develop my ideas. 

With my paintings I aspire to raise awareness for the conservation and protection of the marine environment. These efforts are my driving force and are reflected in my work. I am a strong believer that the marriage of art and science is as natural as nature itself is full of beauty.

 I am a proud supporter of several organisations that work intensively on creating a society in which environments and all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightly deserve.

I recently started to lecture about ocean conservation issues at local schools. I include an art follow up with the students for this event. Please contact me for detailed information or bookings. 

I also worked on a couple of exciting projects, such as painting multiple murals at Palermo Public school, J.W. Boich and working as a volunteer artist at White Oaks Public School in the Futures Program.